Oxygen Release Date, Cast, Trailer 2021, and much more

Oxygen Release Date
Oxygen Release Date

Hollywood is recognised for its sci-fi films and to this list, a film named Oxygen is going to be added. The movie is produced under the direction of Alexandra Aja and is produced by Vincent Maraval, Alexandra Aja, and many others. The genre of the film is Drama, thriller, fantasy and sci-fi. You can read this article to understand more about all the information like oxygen release date, cast, trailer, and much more.

Oxygen Release Date, Cast, Trailer 2021, and more

Oxygen Plot

The movie oxygen spins around ‘Liz’ who is a girl in the lead role.  She wakes in a cryogenic chamber and she does not know how she got there. There is no way to escape that chamber, but she has only 90 minutes to get off there. Now the film, tell us how she got there, what’s the actual reason and how she’ll escape from that chamber.

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Oxygen Release Date

Oxygen Release Date
Oxygen Release Date

The movie oxygen will release on 12 of May 2021. Its first trailer was released on Netflix. The movie screenplay is played by Christie LeBlanc.

Oxygen Cast

The movie oxygen cast has many famous actors like Anne Hathaway, Eric Herson-Macarel, Noomi Rapace, Malik Zidi, Lyah Valade, Laura Boujenah etc. To identify other actors we have to wait for the launch of the oxygen movie.

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Where To Watch Oxygen

You can watch oxygen film on Netflix. No other platform has bought the license of the film till now. The oxygen release date is set for a worldwide release on 12th May.

Much More about Oxygen

Because of its amazing and thrilling storyline, the movie is creating lots of fuzz, in Hollywood. Although, Fans have already started to deliver their reviews on the film. Moreover, fans are especially excited to know more about Liz and her escape journey.  Likewise, why she wakes up in a cryogenic chamber. The whole Hollywood industry and news anchors are appreciating Anne Hathaway (playing the character of Liz) for her brilliant acting as Liz.

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Oxygen Release Date Trailer

In the trailer, we saw that a girl named Liz is struggling to escape from a cryogenic chamber. Further, by the time her oxygen level is constantly decreasing, she actually has only 90 minutes to escape from that cryogenic chamber. Now, she has to leave that chamber at any cost with the help of her previous memories.

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