15 things to do before you die

15 things to do before you die
15 things to do before you die

Surely you have ever considered what you would really like to do before your time came. From time to time you wake up and think if you are making the most of your life. Well, here’s the solution, grab a pen and paper (or your tablet) and make a list of the things you’d like to do before it’s too late. 15 things to do before you die: Here I have listed some of the things that we usually like to do before we die. 

Things to do before you die

1. Live in a different country

Travelling is something incredible, but to get to know a country and its customs better, the best way to do it is to live there for a while.

2. Sleep under the stars

This is something free and precious, whether or not you have a partner, lying down in a place where the stars are perfectly appreciated helps you think, reflect on life and find yourself.

3. Do something from scratch

The fact of building something and having the pride of having applied your effort and dedication to achieve it is something very rewarding. It can be from something handmade to a project, the important thing is to take it to the end.

4. Travel the world

Travelling is something that will help us have unforgettable experiences and learn about the cultural differences that exist in the world.

5. Learn languages

Meeting people from different places will require us to know other languages. A new language is a new challenge.

6. Eat different dishes

As a passionate foodie, I love to eat and experience the sensations and textures of unique dishes that are cooked in each culture. There are some that obviously impacted me too much, but regardless of whether I didn’t like it, I loved being able to try it.

7. Do what you want at any time

Be free to make your decisions and not limit yourself. Sometimes we limit ourselves by the simple fact of thinking what others will think and we must not allow anyone to tell us what to do.

8. Apologize to who you hurt

A good thing to do before dying would be to apologize to whoever you hurt. Maybe it was silly or not, but the person deserves an apology and you deserve to give it. I recognize that I still have several people to ask for forgiveness, but knowing that I have to do it is the first step.

9. Learn a new skill

Never stop learning and never think that you are not capable of doing something because you are always on time to learn something new to do. Play the piano, dance, ride a bike, write…

10. Sleep somewhere dark

Go with friends to a haunted place and see what tricks your mind plays on you there. If nothing happens in the house, play pranks on your friends so that they live that terrifying experience.

11. Go to a mega party

A Project X movie style party you’ll remember all your life. They usually don’t end very well and the police always end up coming. Of course, better if that is not your house…

12. Skinny dipping

This is something that many of us have already done, it is true that in the open sea it scared me a bit but it was something that I had to do on my list of things before I died.

13. Leave a note for your future self

Now we think in a certain way and we have dreams that we would like to fulfil. Telling yourself the dreams you had in the past is a good way to never lose them and settle a stage in your life.

14. Help someone you don’t know

Referring to the great movie that I recommend called “Chain of Favors”, helping someone will make us happier and make our world a better place. Helping without expecting anything in return from someone you don’t know is something incredible and with a look or a thank you will be compensated.

15. Write your memories

I have always thought that each life is a treasure and is unique and unrepeatable. Explaining your experiences and learning will make your life go much further than memory reaches. I recommend that you start as soon as you can.

Hope all this will help you to create your bucket list, you just read a list of all the desired goals that you may want to accomplish, dreams you wish to experience before you die.

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