“I’m sorry, who are you?”; A New WhatsApp Fraud

“I’m sorry, who are you?”; A New WhatsApp Fraud
“I’m sorry, who are you?”; A New WhatsApp Fraud

Many fraudsters use WhatsApp to commit fraud. It has just been detected a new modus operandi in which the fraudsters send texts [“I’m sorry, who are you?”] and earn the trust of the victim. A New WhatsApp Fraud…

Info about A New WhatsApp Fraud…

It all begins from a message saying something like: “Sorry, who are you? I found you in my address book. ” 

With that justification, they initiate the chat in which they try to be pleasant. And after a long chat, the crook asked to be added to your personal social account.

Once they have been added to any of your personal social media networks they will attempt to get more info about you. Such as places where you have been or your list of friends.

After knowing enough about you, from there they will move to the next phase which is blackmailing you for money. They will say that they have some of your confidential pictures with friends or family, and if you don’t give them money, they will share them everywhere.

Even if you make a deposit to them, they will always keep asking for money in endless blackmail.

The only way to stay safe is, ignore such messages from unknown numbers who are pushing pleasant messages to you to get your information.

You can always report such contact numbers to WhatsApp so that they can block such activities by blocking the number. Also, you must configure the privacy of your profile picture.

If something goes wrong, The best option is to immediately report to the police – the officers may be able to locate the fraudsters from their phone number.

Stay tuned for future updates regarding New WhatsApp Fraud (s).

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