Facebook security failed to protect user privacy

Facebook security failed to protect user privacy
Facebook security failed to protect user privacy

Facebook security failed to protect user privacy: If you are using your mobile number on social media be careful, as we are living in a modern technology world where everything can be developed for human safety and security.

Every single person is connected with social media or other data storage platforms. Everything is going good for the security layer for active users.

But do you know? Your mobile number can be a big issue for your future. When we register an account on social media with our mobile number, i.e. used for authenticating and verifying the correct user. Social media platforms give us functionality to use the mobile number to control or access our account even in case we lost our password.

This functionality sometimes proves dangerous, in my friend’s case, she faced a real-time problem with Facebook.

Facebook security failed to protect user privacy

Here, in my friend’s case, she created an account on FB, after some time she dropped or stopped using her number and registered for a new number but her social media account was created with her old number. Now the worst part is the same old number is now allocated to another person.

There is no problem with the allocation of that number at all. But, when the new user tried to create his FB account, he saw that the account with this number is already registered on Facebook.

He reset the password using OTP on his number and he got access to all the personal details of the old user i.e. a girl in our case. Now we are trying to help her in protecting her private photos and data from the new FB User.

The Conclusion

We should be aware of such issues, and take steps accordingly. I also wish that Facebook and other platforms should work around these security issues. They actually need to improve their system of authentication for active and inactive users.

According to me, they can ask users for a mandatory OTP verification in every 3 months and lock his/her account in case of failure. This will help those who changed or lost their number.

3 months is a nice period to verify the current users because telecom companies allot old numbers to any new customer after 3 months of inactivity.

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