How to grow a YouTube channel?

How to grow a YouTube channel
How to grow a YouTube channel

These days many people have their channels on Youtube, which is one of the famous video platforms. These days, people are considering it as a good source of income. Everyone wants their YouTube channel to be popular. Today, here we are going to learn about How to grow a YouTube channel?

Video Content

Video content is the most crucial part, if you wish to grow a YouTube channel you have to focus on the major thing, which is to Rank your Videos on the platform. So for the same, you need to upload and create videos on original content as copying anyone’s content may be subject to the risk of copyright-related problems. 

Video Thumbnail

Bad video thumbnails won’t help you. If your video thumbnail is not good enough then users will not click on your videos. Users always click on the impressive and effective video thumbnail. Always try to create a very catchy thumbnail to invite users to watch your videos.

Upload & SEO

SEO is a powerful factor. if you are a YouTuber then you must know that SEO can support you to increase the views on videos. Your YouTube videos should be SEO friendly and always take care of the points mentioned below:-

  • Video File Name
  • Video Title
  • Video Description
  • Video Thumbnail
  • Video Tags
  • Video Quality and Keyword Research

Before uploading the video make sure that you have named your video accurately. Try to use the target keyword in the description and video tags. All this comes under SEO of the video and will drastically increase views and grow your YouTube channel. 


Taking an interview or introducing any other YouTuber on your channel, can help you to get more additional views and subscribers. There is a big chance another YouTuber might refuse you but in such case, you can easily collaborate with Small YouTubers who have around 500-2000 subscribers as they never deny you.


Responding to comments makes strong bonding between you and viewers. Respond to the comments timely to make your subscribers and viewers happy. More likes and comments can be responsible for making any video trending on the platform. So take care of your video’s comment section.


Always share your videos on social networking sites like LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest, Facebook etc. 

Hope you are now ready to grow a YouTube channel. Stay Tuned!

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