Emma Raducanu is a tennis rarity: A nymph

After her first Grand Slam victory at the U.S. Open, Emma Raducanu of Great Britain lifts the U.S. Open trophy in New York City. mandatory credit: robert deutsch-usa today sports/file photo

Emma Raducanu

Emma Raducanu, a star tennis player who was new to the Wimbledon audience, showcased her power and charisma throughout this year’s tournament. It was her victory at the US Open on Saturday that finally confirmed her status as one of those athletes who are just magnetic, impossible to ignore, and who leave you compelled to dig more into their sport or even give it a try. Emma Raducanu and her firm, Inc., are both on their way.

How significant is this victory?

I inquire of Michel Masquelier, the former Chairman of IMG Media, a worldwide sports management conglomerate. “It’s the best there is, “he declares “Tennis is a really global sport, but it’s also an individual sport, so anybody who succeeds on that stage is immediately identifiable. More than in football, Formula One, or golf, the athlete’s face is visible.”

Raducanu has additional force multipliers for boosting fame and economic success in addition to her championship title. There’s also her worldwide standing: She was reared in the United Kingdom and rose to prominence in the United States after being born to a Chinese mother and a Romanian father. There’s her youth, and then there’s the magnitude of the records she’s shattered: She is the first player to win a grand slam in the qualifying rounds, male or female. She accomplished this feat without breaking a single set.

Then there was the incredible finals performance; the absent parents; and the backstory of former British star-turned-commentator Tim Henman, whose encouragement propelled her on. And don’t forget about her natural likability and her “come it on” attitude.”

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Emma Raducanu is a unicorn in top sport because of all of this. These people stand out not just because they are the best in their sport, but also because they are changing the environment around them. But, as unicorns in the IT industry know, getting there isn’t simple. With so much potential, so much development, and so much adoration, it may be difficult to maintain and control.

It’s difficult to overestimate her influence in Britain, a nation with a strong sports culture that seeks for and nurtures champions. The U.S. Open was licenced by Amazon Prime, but Channel 4 (state-owned but mostly commercially funded) rushed to get last-minute sub-licensing rights from Prime Video late Friday night, bringing the match to a stunning 9.2 million people. That meant that 48 percent of 16 to 34-year-olds in the nation were watching television.

What if Raducanu achieves her Goal?

The monetization possibilities will be tremendous, especially if Raducanu achieves her promise of bringing more fans and players to the world of women’s tennis. Global sponsorship expenditure is projected to be about $65.8 billion per year, including clothing sales, TV agreements, and more. For the Women’s Tennis Association, this is a tremendous opportunity.

“To conceive of anything comparable in 35 years in the business, I’d have to go back to Tiger Woods’ era,” he adds “Masquelier, who just released a motivational book based on his own life experiences, says this. Woods was a unicorn not just because of his flawless golf strokes, but also because of his elegance, charm, and multi-ethnic background, which drew in new spectators, sponsors, and players to the golf.

What Difficulties in women’s tour without her

It’s difficult to envision the women’s tour without Raducanu already. In November, the WTA finals will be held in Guadalajara, Mexico. Only the top eight players in the world are eligible to compete. Raducanu is currently rated 23rd in the world (a rise of 127 places from a few weeks back). How much media attention will she get if she doesn’t make it into the final eight? How many non-tennis enthusiasts are expected to tune in?

Raducanu and her generation (which includes another star, 19-year-old finalist Leylah Fernandez) may be around for a long time if they stay healthy. Martina Navratilova won a Wimbledon championship at 33 and doubles titles into her mid-40s; Serena Williams earned her 22nd grand slam title at Wimbledon at the age of 34. Raducanu has at least 15 years of high-level tour competition ahead of her if she stays healthy. That’s 60 chances at grand slam championships and a slew of minor tournaments.

Unicorns, on the other hand, will never stop inventing. Raducanu’s aim will be to grow her market share (that is, more large victories and better rankings) and continuing working on her game after she has digested the enormity of her accomplishment. However, like with every tech unicorn, the issue is to maintain this growth while keeping costs under control. In Raducanu’s situation, this means managing the amount of time and energy she has to devote to the many off-court obligations that are already piling up. She’ll have to master the art of saying “no.”

The expected questions have already started to surface.

How long do you think it will take her to reach the top of the global rankings?

Where will she make her next appearance?

Which sponsorship deals is she going to accept?

What are the covers of which magazines?

Which program is the interview on?

Raducanu has seemed immune to pressure thus far, but she is just human. Tennis history, like the world of start-ups, is littered with brilliant young stars who faded away. Following her stunning 2018 U.S. Open victory, 23-year-old Naomi Osaka’s very public struggle with mental health issues stands as the latest warning storey. Raducanu will have to grow up in front of the eyes of the whole globe.

What difficulties are ahead for Raducanu?

There will surely be some difficulties ahead. However, despite her being uncertain, she radiates an air of confidence that makes others think she knows what she’s doing. (Like any teenager, she used her phone to communicate with her friends during the tournament.) She was ecstatic to see her face on a massive billboard when she was on her way to winning after finally being freed from media obligations.A halo surrounds her, with the words “Just do it” imprinted in the iconic “swoosh” swish of the swoosh. She posted the good news about her recovery on social media, which was a reason for joy.