14 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Women

14 Fun Facts You Didn't Know About Women
14 Fun Facts You Didn't Know About Women

There are so many things that we do not know about ourselves. Here are the 14 curious and secret facts that you did not know about women:

1- The ovule measures approximately 0.14 millimetres, and can be visible to the human eye. It is the largest cell in the human body.

2- The feminine biological symbol represents the goddess Venus holding her hand mirror.

3- The word woman comes from the Latin mulier-eris.

4- The woman to reach an orgasm needs approximately 15 minutes, on the contrary of the man, who usually reaches orgasm between 3 and 5 minutes (only the generality).

5- According to research, women are twice as likely as men to become blind.

6- 5% of women are allergic to semen, which can be solved by using a condom. It has also been shown that there are men allergic to their own semen.

7- Studies have shown that the closer a country is to Ecuador, the more likely it is that its women will conceive girls instead of boys.

8- The smell of female tears can nullify male arousal and lower testosterone levels.

9- The female of Russian origin, Valentina Tereshkova was the first woman to travel to space in June 1963.

10- The average time a woman can keep a secret is 47 hours and 15 minutes.

11- Girls think about their appearance 9 times a day as confirmed by studies and surveys.

12- The average woman speaks 20 thousand words a day. The average man 7 thousand words. We already know why we sometimes exasperate men.

13- Girls cry between 30 and 64 times a year, men shed tears between 6 and 17 times.

14- The most intelligent person in the world is a woman. She is in the Guinness Book of Records with the highest IQ in the world. This is the American Marilyn Vos Savant, who got a total of 228 points.

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