What is sponsorship in advertising?

What is sponsorship in advertising?
What is sponsorship in advertising?

There are different strategies that can be used to make good advertising, making that message unforgettable. Sponsorship is one of them, and we are going to tell you what is sponsorship in advertising…

Definition of sponsorship in advertising

Sponsorship is an agreement between a brand and a person or entity to promote the company that is going to be a sponsor, which implies an economic-financial agreement between the parties involved. 

That is to say: The company that wants to promote is the sponsor (who pays and delivers the products to be promoted), and through whom it is carried out receives the payment and promotes the product or service.

It is a way to encourage and promote a brand in order to increase consumption. 

How it works and what are the benefits of sponsorship 

Beyond the economic objective, this way of communicating is beneficial for all parties: the sponsoring brand, the sponsor through its image and the customers.

We share some of the benefits of using this type of advertising:

  • It is not invasive:  certain types of advertisements are usually invasive (such as some television commercials, spam emails with suspicious offers, etc.). In this case, the opposite is the case, so acceptance by the public will be natural.
  • Easy integration into the lives of customers:  the fact of seeing the characters using the product or service in their lives comes naturally to people.
  • Increased brand valuation: the brand is associated with certain values, thus increasing the valuation by customers. Also naturally, it is the people who make this assessment. 
  • Open new channels of communication:  by appearing in new scenarios and opportunities, the brand opens channels to communicate that it had not previously contemplated and is beneficial for long-term communication.

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