‘Acharya’ teaser released: Chiranjeevi is back with another film

Acharya teaser released
Acharya teaser released

Acharya’ teaser released: Directed by Koratala Siva, Starring Chiranjeevi, Ram Charan & Kajal Aggarwal.

Acharya teaser released

One of 2021’s most anticipated film’s starring the megastar Chiranjeevi and superstar Ram Charan together for the very first time. ‘Acharya’s’ teaser is out to grab.

For the uninformed, Niranjan Reddy and Ram Charan are jointly producing the movie under Matinee Entertainment and Konidela Production Company. Mani Sharma is composing the music. The film is planned for release in summer, 2021.

Acharya teaser

Coming back to the Acharya’ teaser, it looks like the movie is set in a religious place that is threatened by the presence of some violent outsiders who attack the public at the time of yajna. As people begin to leave the village, they see a “messiah” in the form of Chiranjeevi. Messiah is shown as a revolutionist, who paints the village red with the blood of enemies who attacked the innocent public. An exceptional, high-action packed sequence follows and Chiranjeevi manages to defeat the enimies without much effort.

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And while the sequence is opening, in the background you can listen to Ram Charan’s narration. In the teaser, he apparently tells the viewers that God does not necessarily have to come down every time to save us from injustice. Sometimes, a comrade is alone we require.

Ram Charan Statement

Meanwhile, speaking about sharing screen space with his dad for the very first time, Ram Charan stated in a statement, “It will be an absolute honour for me to be able to share the same frame as my father. Also, it is not a cameo but a full-fledged role for me. I want to thank director Koratala Siva for making this happen.”

Koratala Siva added, “I couldn’t have imagined anyone else playing Sidha in Acharya. This is perfect casting for the role and the project.”

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Teaser Video


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