Here we will discuss the fall of crypto currency that happened 3 days ago. And we will understand why the cryptocurrency is going down? What is the truth behind the dip? Let’s analyze all the facts…

The Crypto market suffered the biggest plummet after half a year of great rise. This fall has damaged the crypto market, you can call it a crypto crash. Everyone is anticipating a quick recovery. A drop like this takes a very long period to restore and build back up. So, How much was the damage? Let’s understand What exactly happened?

What Happened to Crypto Market? Why Cryptocurrency Is Going Down?

On Wednesday, all the major cryptocurrencies crashed all at once and the total fall is about 30%. Bitcoin trade was down by 21% pricing around $37,213. Furthermore, Ethereum current market price is $2,333 approx, because it went down by 25%. In addition to this, Binance coin went down by 31% and currently pricing around $311. But, What this the reason behind the dip? Why Cryptocurrency Is Going Down?.

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Why Cryptocurrency Is Going Down?

It all began when the Chinese government declared the ban on all cryptocurrency-related transactions. The Chinese government strictly instructed that every payment organization or financial establishment shall not entertain any cryptocurrency-related dealings. This implied that all the online payment methods and banks in China should not trade with any kind of process which involves cryptocurrency. The Chinese government dominated over 50% of Bitcoin mining, so the drop in bitcoin price after the ban was kind of result assumed.

Another major reason that you can relate to the topic that ‘why the cryptocurrency is going down’ is the message Elon Musk given. He rescinded his decision to allow crypto as a payment alternative for his electric car company Tesla. This repudiation of decision was made because crypto mining is causing a hazard to the earth’s environment, which is not acceptable in the long run, without any doubt.


To sum up, the drop in the cryptocurrency world did not affect the lives of the general public. It has affected the earnings of big business owners and organisations. Unquestionably, the drop did influence the economy but it shall improve and come back up within no time.

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Litecoin Price Prediction 2025 | Right Time To Invest?


Just like Bitcoin, Litecoin is another crypto coin. The coin was developed by Charlie Lee, back in 2011. And since then, the coin has witnessed adoptions that are steady with an ongoing community of developers, merchants and traders. Is it Right Time To Invest? What is the Litecoin Price Prediction for 2025?

Litecoin prediction 2025| Expected Price

As per all the previous & latest reports, by the end of 2022, the value of Lite Coin shall touch $500 and by the middle of 2025 shall hit a price of $1,000. The price is expected to increase up to $2,000 by the end of 2030.

Litecoin price 2021

Litecoin opened its value at $124.09 in 2021. As for today, Litecoin is traded at $206.73, the rise of the value from the start of the year is set to be at the rate of around 66.59%. The Litecoin price guessed at $338 at the end of 2021. According to the previous data reported on the record, its rate is +172% with the year-to-year change. It is believed that from today to 2021-end price would move up to + 62%. According to some reports, this coin is ready to trade at $219, by the middle of 2021.

The Litecoin would move to $465 in the 1st half of 2022 and $131 by 2021 end, which would pitch in to make an estimated figure of $596. It is as per the Litecoin Prediction 2025 is said to be +186% to the price of today. Keeping every prediction aside, anything could be expected to come as there is always a possibility depending on a specific factor. How wide the adoptions of cryptocurrencies go and if they have the potential to replace fiat currencies?

The upcoming five years would make a significant rise in the value of Litecoin and would be important too. Litecoin would exceed as the expected price would rise from $596 to $1,589 which is up to 167%. Litecoin shall attain a value $596 from the opening of 2023 that would set to make an impression, sliding up to $627 with the task at $745 within the opening of the year ending 2023. The rise of the value from today is too high up to about +258% from now.

Litecoin – (Buy and Sell In Minutes) From Binance.

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Have you heard of Pi Network and its mobile application! Do you know How To Mine Pi Network on Mobile? Today, Cryptocurrency Market is one of the most growing markets in the world.

Every day new things are coming up. There are hundreds of investment options available to invest in. However, the risk of this growing market still the same.

Read more to understand about Pi Network and How To Mine Pi Network on Mobile? Know everything that you should know about Pi Network and its mining process.

What is Pi Network?

Pi network is a cryptocurrency that is the first social coin that one can mine on mobile. Before knowing Pi Network Mining in detail, let’s read something about the Cryptocurrency Mining process in a simple way.

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What is Cryptocurrency Mining?

Cryptocurrency Mining isn’t very easy to understand, so let’s try a simple way. Here, we have a pointwise explanation of ‘Cryptocurrency Mining’:

  • Mining is basically about earning new crypto coins.
  • It is performed by solving different blockchains into a single chain.
  • High-level algorithm calculations are required.
  • For eg., the Bitcoin mining process requires GPU or ASIC hardware.

Now let’s understand the Pi network mining on mobile applications.

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How To Mine Pi Network?

Mining Pi Network is one of the most simple jobs that you can perform using your mobile phone. It really doesn’t need any high-level hardware or devices. It can be done easily by understanding these simple steps:

  1. Download the Pi Network App.
  2. Complete Sign-up Process.
  3. Fill in your profile details.
  4. Set up your password.
  5. Also, put your invitation code, google if you don’t have one.
  6. That’s it, now you can mine Pi network.
  7. It works on a daily basis of credibility, make sure that you are actively mining.
  8. You will be rewarded according to your performance.
  9. Cross levels of Ambassador, Increase up to the level of Node.

Hope you are now ready to Mine Pi Network’. Pi network mining is easy and convenient way to earn cryptocurrency.

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Live Cryptocurrency Prices, Ranks, Market Cap – Check the fresh rates before you buy. The table below displays how various cryptocurrencies are performing in real-time. We have arranged some values and data for you so that you can easily find the best cryptos to invest in.

Today’s Cryptocurrency Prices, Ranks, Market Cap

If have already planned or planning to buy or invest in cryptocurrency, then you are in right place. Before making any decision you can perform a final analysis by using the data that we have arranged for you.

All the data displayed here is actually real-time data. You can refresh the page for accurate and updated results.

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Live Cryptocurrency Prices, Ranks, Market Cap

The cryptocurrency data includes:

  • Name of the cryptocurrency
  • Price of the cryptocurrency
  • Graph (Last 24 Hours)
  • Market Cap (Mkt Cap) of the cryptocurrency
  • & The volume of the cryptocurrency

All this data will help you to make a perfect decision before investing in any cryptocurrency.

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Live Cryptocurrency Prices

As these Cryptocurrency Prices keeps updating with time, you can keep visiting the same page in future also to get the latest or live Cryptocurrency Prices. I Hope, you have gone through this data. Now, also share this post to your friends and family members who takes interest in Cryptocurrency.

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