4 Ways to secure Gmail address

4 Ways to secure Gmail address | Security tips for your accounts
4 Ways to secure Gmail address | Security tips for your accounts

4 Ways to secure Gmail address: Today, with all the viruses, hackers and malware on the Internet, the truth is that security has become a key point. Especially if we want to continue keeping our data safe, in addition to our accounts or profiles on social networks, streaming platforms, mail… So, if you want to prevent your account from being stolen or have problems later, there are some security tips that we can follow and that is basic and applicable to all the accounts you have, to all the services:

4 Ways to secure Gmail address | Security tips for your accounts


Use a strong password with uppercase, lowercase and, numbers. Do not repeat the same Gmail password that you are already using since you will get them to access your email in case of hacking other services such as servers, stores, etc. But do not tell anyone your password at any time, much less write it in a sent email or drafts. In addition, you should change it from time to time. More than anything, because of the methods that exist to decrypt passwords, they are becoming more and more precise, in addition to the fact that there are different ways that the password can be stolen without us realizing it. For this reason, it is more advisable to renew it every so often.

Review the apps you give access to

Beware of signing in everywhere with your Google account without creating an account. This will mean that you are giving some services or apps access to your data and that they can access permissions such as reading your emails or seeing your contacts. You must be careful when asking for one of these permissions, but you should also check from time to time which apps can access this data.

Activate two-step verification

Google’s two-step verification will allow us to have double security: they need to have your password, but also your phone to access your account. The second step should be something related to your smartphones such as confirming that you are the one trying to access the account or using verification codes received through an SMS or a call.

Check your email and security phone

Sometimes, the service allows you to have a security email and telephone number to use in case you cannot access the service. It is important to put your phone and another account to which you have access, and check the rest if you change your number, want to indicate another, prefer to confirm from another phone or if some new circumstance occurs. This is a good way to be able to access the service again if something happens.

So these were the 4 Ways to secure Gmail address and some Security tips for your accounts, hope you found it informative. You can always visit here for knowledgeful articles and trusted material to consume.

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